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Today March 02 2018, we're announcing that the Microlux Amp is finished and completed in the development. Although uncountable changes were made to the construction of the amp, it was decided to leave the principle design untouched just like it was in the original release in the June last year (meaning no components were added, removed or changed), which is the best.

We are very happy with the results of our hard work. Microlux Amp could become one of the best 1-2 watters in the world, winning "The best Blackface-inspired amp with innovative design" nomination. Please stay tuned to our website, facebook page, which we will start updating at all costs when the time will come, and of course our TGP participation for those of you who may enjoy the discussion we have there.

Love to everyone from Morning Blessing Amps. We're on our way.


We continued working on the Microlux Amp and today of September 27 2017, released the Revision 4C1, making 4 big amendments to the amp's design & construction and uncountable amount of little changes.

Now we are totally sure that we offer the true quality and highest standard of making musical instruments. Please give us some time to update our online representation to reflect these changes.

NEW FOR 2017

As of June 17 2017, after spending 6 years in research, we have finally started working. These were challenging times for us. We've put out lots of efforts. Finally we are proud to present our first amp - "Microlux Amp", it's due to be released late this July.

"Microlux" is a 2017 issue of the legendary 1965 Blackface D-xe Rev. Combo in a completely new bedroom-friendly package. We've recorded a couple of early samples for you. Please check out the Products -> Microlux page for details.

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