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We're a guitar amplifiers developer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We're called Morning Blessing Amps not for no reason. Imagine the romantics of a grill cloth of a fine tube amp in the morning light. Our amps are designed and made to deliver that special feel into our lives.

Our technical experience and absolute hearing ability as well as a long term affiliation with quality and thousands hours of research have allowed us to come up with both musically and technically right amplifier design, unveiling many of the secrets left by original developers from 50-60s, such as C. L. F-r and his crew, and thus inheriting the old-school design methods.

At Morning Blessing we strive to make someone happy so he can fully switch to music. To make it possible a perfectly complete result is required, which could actually take some time to figure out, which is what we are commited to do on every day basis. We would like to earn your trust to the new Morning Blessing brand.

"You won't part with yours either" was very true.

It should be noted to avoid any confusion that the name "Morning Blessing" was not intended to have a religious context, although believers will probably not have any problem performing with our amps as well.

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