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Microlux - Our detailed description

"You must have that little one..."

Microlux Amp is a professional 2017 implementation of the legendary 1965 F-r D-xe Rev. Combo in a new 2-watt package. This all-tube amp offers all "that" power tube break-up the original model is known for, but on the volume levels much more comfortable for your home practicing or studio recording. And the most beautiful in the world, firm clean tones, in most details are also there in our Microlux Amp. It's as close to the original Blackface vintage amplifier from 1965 as clearly possible.

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Result of a 5 year research, Microlux amp is very authentic to the original pre-CBS BFDR design. It uses a different tube (6922 / E88CC double triode) in the power stage to achieve about 2 watts of power, however, we managed to find a way to make this little tube perform following the same laws as a real 6V6GT performs in a D-e Rev.. This required both following the original schematics and innovating at the same time, and careful recalculation by specialists. But all in all as close to the original schematics as possible. We even emulate the second channel, tremolo bug and even reverb!

Microlux Amp is a NORMAL channel of a DR, so it has Volume, Treble and Bass controls. Additionally the amp has a switch called "PAD" which attenuates or otherwise boosts the signal from the preamp, working like a fixed master volume. This allows to break up sooner like a D-xe, or enjoy smoother Su-r- or Twn.- Reverb-like tones when you want them.

And these are really convincing sounds, by all means real.


Early samples are available right now.

( Recording chain: 1xSM57 -> ART Pro Channel "Pro Studio" Mod -> ESI Julia - very humble )

SPECIAL NOTE: At the moment the Microlux Amp is being produced by completely professionally reworking a Yerasov Gavrosh-8. The work takes about 12-14 hours to complete and another 4-8 hours for subjective test & tuning. The availability of Gavrosh-8 in Russia allows us to keep a relatively low price, while offering everything needed to uncompromisingly grasp 90% of the tone of a BFDR.
Of course we'll soon conver to our own manufacturing. Jump on this limited offer, you'll be a proud owner of an exclusive one-of-a-kind thing from Russia!

Owner's Manual is being translated right now.


Circuit: Normal Channel / AB763 BFDR
Power rating: 2 watt
Tubes: 12AX7, 12AT7EH, 6922 / E88CC
Speaker: Jensen C8R, 8 inch, 8 ohm spkr from original mfr.
Number of inputs: 1
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Pad Switch
Headphone out: No
Output transformer: Hammond Mfg, Made in Canada.
Power transformer: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V versions available.
Cabinet, Chassis, PCB: 90% reworked from Yerasov Gavrosh-8
Made in St. Petersburg, Russia

PRICE: 599 USD + shipping

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