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Microlux - Our detailed description

"You havet to have that little guy..."

Microlux Amp - is an authentic American amp of the Blackface era, very similar to the BF Deluxe, but in a new 2W format for home practicing, small venues and studios. This new Blackface (AB763) model, follows original construction principles, and just like other models of that era, has magnifiently beautiful clean tones. However, with the maximum power of 2 Watts, Microlux Amp also makes the power tube break up possible even with the most strict volume levels limitations.

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Result of a 5 year research, Microlux Amp is strictly following the original construction principles, and is very authentic to the original pre-CBS BF Deluxe design. This amp uses a different tube in it's power section - a double triode 6922 / E88CC, that gives about 2 Watts of maximum power, and this tube by a lucky coincidence is very similar to a real 6V6GT in the the proper operation mode. In other words, we've managed to find a way of setting this tube up, where it works following the same laws as a real 6V6GT in the original amplifier, and, believe us, it sounds very similar! To make this possible, strictly following the schematics and a little innovating both were required, but all in all as close the BF Deluxe schematics as clearly possible!

Functionally, Microlux Amp is a NORMAL channel of a BF Deluxe, so it has Volume, Treble and Bass controls. Additionally the amp has a switch called "Pad" which attenuates or otherwise boosts the signal from the preamp, working like a fixed master volume. This allows to break up sooner like a Deluxe, or enjoy smoother tones of the more powerful models, when you want it.

Microlux Amp - is just a new Blackface model, inheriting the the design-methods of the original engineers, and being a true F-r amp is will be your friend and will make you happy for many years to come!



A little reverb:

Note: Even though we try as hard as we can presenting our work in the most appropriate style, our samples are a completely different thing than a real amp, in a good way. The sample is periodically updated, check back.

Owner's Manual is being translated right now.


Circuit: Normal Channel / AB763 BFDR
Power rating: 2 watt
Tubes: 12AX7, 12AT7EH, 6922 / E88CC
Speaker: Jensen C8R, 8 inch, 8 ohm spkr from original mfr.
Number of inputs: 1
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Pad Switch
Headphone out: No
Output transformer: Hammond Mfg, Made in Canada.
Power transformer: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V versions available.
Cabinet, Chassis, PCB: 90% reworked from Yerasov Gavrosh-8 at the moment
Made in St. Petersburg, Russia


At the time the Microlux Amp is just a deep professional modification/total rework of the Yerasov Gavrosh 8 amp. This is done to keep the price as low as possible for Russian musicians to be able to get themselves "that" tone, while DRRI prices are beyond of what most can afford. However, it's principle design is 100% our own work. Thank you for understanding!


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